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Dirty dishes in my sink

Dirty dishes in my sink

I walked by our kitchen sink on Sunday night and felt a little sad. A few hours before, it had been empty and sparkling clean. Why will we always have dirty dishes? Then I had a perspective shift. Those dirty dishes mean we stayed in, and cooked, instead of eating out. Financial win! Those dishes are remnants of the special time our daughter and I shared baking banana bread. Those dishes wanted me to feel defeat. Instead, I waved a victory flag in celebrating God’s provision and stewardship. I waved my victory flag, and took myself to bed.


There’s nothing like going right to the source.  Lacking Love?  Go to the Source.  The Source’s love is made tangible by the gift of his Son.  And thankfully, it’s not a one-time deal: we are invited and encouraged and celebrated and helped to live through Him.   He teaches us love, time and time again, and atones for our sins.  God is not visible – except by love.  In seeing love, we see and know God.  In grasping and wrestling with, and embracing His love, He completes us.

  {Meditations on 1 John 4:7-12}