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I value encouragement for the little things in life: like when the eyes of my coworker lit up when I told her I appreciated her coming in to work.  Or like when she encouraged me, while I was pregnant and hormonal,  and I DIDN’T eat all of the office candy in one sitting, (and for the times I did and she didn’t judge me.) It’s the little things….which makes me think,what prepares me for a day of action and productivity?  Simply appreciating existence.

What is awesome on a cold, November morning when you don’t feel like doing anything?  Thinking about how, because one little sperm meets one little egg, BAM you get a baby.  That’s awesome.  You know what else is awesome?  Being alive.  Pausing to ponder how completely glorious it is that I am alive, I may more palatably process, how, while I’ve been up in the middle of the night, I still  rise,  get kids up, and go to a formal setting  to care about other people’s problems (ie: work).

 A little “existence celebration” can go a long way.

I am a lot calmer.  Sometimes people in the workplace can get kind of hyper, you know?  Like whatever problem on their mind at that moment IS QUITE POSSIBLY THE MOST IMPORATNT THING FACING THE UNIVERSE AND THEREFORE I SHOULD DROP EVERYTHING AND CARE ABOUT IT WITH THE SAME FERVOR.  I find myself smiling, nodding and thinking “Seriously, can we order Prozac for the office?”  While really, what I am meaning is, “why don’t you tone that emotional response down a notch, and join me in celebrating existence?”

 I can actually be a type-A, results oriented chica, myself.   So celebrating existence is a fun, new thing for me.

 But, I can’t take any credit.  I’m pretty sure God came up with the idea first.   Sometimes I think we forget that God delights in us, simply because we exist.  He’s happy to have made us, we are His, and that is fun to Him.  I laugh to think how often we can project humanistic thinking onto God.  We like to base His approval of us on our accomplishments.  We think God’s thought process goes something like: “wow, look at how well she just got the household ready, yielded to that other car in traffic, was polite, and managed that conference call, because of that, I like my creation even more.”

 Nope.  As we lay in bed each morning, struggling to open eyes and put our feet to the floor, before we even string together coherent thoughts, God thinks “look at that being I created, I just take pleasure in her.”

 As an adult, you don’t get a “participation trophy” for existing.  But celebrating existence is a great starting point.

 It’s the quiet moment of celebration that can springboard us into moments of productivity.  When you really understand how awesome it is to exist, you feel compelled to help make your surroundings better.

 And, once you get  a handle on celebrating your own existence, go encourage someone else’s on his or hers.

Sometimes people need to hear, “I care that you exist,” or “I left you some of the office candy” 🙂