Every now and then I get really excited about a book of the Bible. I’m not sure what initially led me to 1 John, but I can’t get enough. This book has been like a piece of grilled steak, a tad bit overdone. I just keep chewing on it. The flavor is so rich, robust, earthly, I can’t seem to let it go. I have taken each verse, and thought about it for several days now. I’ve read, and questioned, and prayed, and stewed. I’ve gone to bed thinking about it and have woken up thinking about it. After a little over a week, I’m through an initial reading of the first chapter. I’ve dug out Bible dictionaries, researched commentaries, and read in different versions. I’ve written “God Moments” of 100 words or less of the verses and hunger for more time to consider and dig. It’s amazing to see how these verses work together to harken us to a tightly knit web of fellowship with God.